Recently, the Nazi pedophile organisation known as the "Gay Nigger Association of America," suffered a severe defeat on the Internet: their prominent Wikipedia article was deleted and protected to prevent re-creation. I say good riddance, and about damn time Wikipedia got rid of those Nazi bastards.

Not only that, timecop has been blocked indefinitely from editing Wikipedia. Hopefully, this ban will never be removed.

The GNAA™ consists mainly of morons, their president and CEO is timecop, a Jew hating Nazi; timecop loathes Judaism more than Ahmadinejad himself. Altough I consider timecop a true brother and a serious ally in our common war against communist operating systems like Linux, I also consider him a deadly enemy regarding our opposing point of views on other issues.

The GNAA™ is responsible for the site which as you all know, is nothing but a conspiracy theory, one of many. We all know that muslim arab terrorists committed 9/11 in the name of Allah and Islam.

Every GNAA™ member has a very simple agenda: suck timecop's dick. If you waltz into their IRC channel, you will only notice the same bullshit trolling—which is repetitive derogatory kike jokes with terrible spelling pasted over and over again ad nauseum.

About Wikipedia:
Rule-busting kikes.

About timecop:
Neo-Nazi faggot.

About GNAA Wikipedia article:

About GNAA:
White-ass punks posing as Gay Niggers.
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