Linux developers claim that Linux is the best operating system in the world. I say: Linux is completely pointless. There are thousands of Linux distros available (I've lost count) free of charge, and no one is using any of 'em. What's the point? There's barely any difference between these distros; most of them do the same stupid shit and barely differ from each other in terms of functionality. Why make all these shitty distros no one will use?

Instead of making a reduntant amount of worthless crap, why not combine your efforts and make one good operating system only? That being said, Linux is just quantity. Seriously. Every kind of software application Linux has to offer is available on Windows or Mac OS X, and more often than not, it's superior on Windows. There's nothing unique about Linux except being open source, and supposedly more "secure" than closed source.

Speaking of security, Linux isn't secure either. It's just that no one is using it. Ergo, no one cares about attacking Linux. I don't count the 3% usage share it has right now as a user base; such a low usage share is not notable. If you have no users, then you also have no security issues as a direct result of lacking potential victims.
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