With the recent release of DivX 7, now supporting the Matroska container and AAC (about damn time DivX, Inc. moved on from mp3), the awesome and excellent Matroska container has been rejuvenated once and for all with the support it was in desperate need of.

As far as I'm concerned, DivX as a brand, is still shit and I'll never use DivX codecs out of general principle. DivX as a software company isn't much better than Microsoft, because it took those assholes at DivX more than 6 years until they released DivX with a decent container. Better late than never, eh? I still think it's unacceptable behavior of DivX.

Well anyway, Sony unfortunately decided to break ISO-standards by supporting MPEG-4 in the broken (and useless) AVI container, when updating the PS3 with DivX decoding support. Bad move Sony. But what's done is done, and now the PS3 can decode shitty DivX encoded video clips; which is actually just MPEG-4 plus some minor screw ups of the MPEG-4 video standard (packed bitstream and other redundant shit added by DivX, Inc.) and the worthless AVI container.

All that said, it's about time Sony updates the PS3, and preferably also the PSP, with Matroska support. The PS3 already very much supports Matroska if you install Linux on it, so there's no excuse to not update the PS3 with Matroska support in the XrossMediaBar.

Sony probably won't update the PS3 with Matroska support, because pretty much all Blu-Ray rips are encoded using the Matroska container; not like it matters, those who download movies illegaly in the Matroska format can still watch them on their PCs, so please Sony, give us a break and just support an awesome container like Matroska.

Matroska needs hardware support. But it's typical of companies like Microsoft to not support open source software. However, I expect a bit more from Sony and Apple (they tend to support open source software).

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