So I've been trying out the latest release of Ubuntu (6.10 Edgy Eft) these past days, and I have to admit that for being Linux, it's not bad at all. That doesn't mean it's good though, neither can it replace Windows if you're a power user.

Bullshit definition of Ubuntu
Definition of the word Ubuntu.

My main gripe with Ubuntu isn't the technical side of Ubuntu. Its meticulous utopia-like image is what bothers me. Ubuntu is made for one purpose: to brainwash you into loving multiculturalism. This multiculti bullshit propaganda has got to go. It reminds me of those bullshit broschures Jehovah's Witnesses hand out. Seriously. No one cares if you're holding each others' hands and looking like happy dorks. Reality is not like that. In actual reality, people hate each other.

Ubuntu Lunix faggots
This is just a cheap ploy to make Linux more popular by sending a positive message to the multiculturalism faggots out there. But this is where their plan fails: they used to have two black people included in this image, and now they've removed them from the picture. The only Africans representing the African roots of the Ubuntu Linux distribution have been removed. Only one conclusion can be drawn from this: Ubuntu is a racist Linux distro.

Ubuntu Lunix faggots
See what I'm talking about? This is the older cover. Why did they remove the black people from the new front cover?!?! They replaced them with white caucasian people. That's a racist move, because everyone knows only white people can be racist.

Ubuntu Lunix faggots
More multiculti gay shit. Two whites against one black. RACIST!

Ubuntu Lunix faggots

According to timecop from the Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA™), Ubuntu is the first nigger friendly operating system, and I quote:

“Niggers is the problem, because when you make Linux dumb enough that even a nigger can do it, only niggers will use it.” — timecop 2006
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