So I got myself a PlayStation Portable recently. Of course, I bought the white coloured version just to be a little extra racist (the black PSP didn't even cross my mind). So far, the games are decent, and the portable video game console in itself is a higly advanced tech toy which you simply cannot live without once you've gotten used to it.

White racist female PSP
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With a 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, you can't go wrong. You can fit all the clips you want, your music, and every damn pr0n movie you got so you can jerk off while taking a shit (highly recommended by the way).

But there is trouble in paradise, the PSP does not as of yet have two video game series: Castlevania and Devil May Cry.

It just doesn't work without these two. The only reason why I bought a Nintendo DS in the first place is because of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I also bought Portrait of Dawn (Limited Edition, mind you), and it's saddening that the DS has shitty graphics compared with the PSP. Not that I'm a graphics whore or anything, but the DS is simply inferior hardware wise, and the music also suffers from this. Castlevania always delivers good music (thanks to Michiru Yamane), and the DS, as was the case with the GBA, simply doesn't do justice to Castlevania.

Capcom immediately released a Castlevania game for the DS, and already two Metal Gear Ac!d games for the PSP. What's the problem? Why can't they just release a 2D (or 3D) Castlevania to the PlayStation Portable? And Capcom has for at least two years now been stating that there will be a PSP Devil May Cry, yet nothing has happened. All talk and no action. What a disappointment.

As for the PSP's video playback capabilities, it's a complete piece of shit compared with what it could've been. Sony crippled the PSP by making specs compliant mp4 files unsupported (I hope this will change with future firmware updates). This in spite of specs compliant audio mp4 files work fine. Also, the video resolution restriction sucks. Ridiculous.

Either way, if you've decided to get a PSP, buy the white version because a nigger PSP is unacceptable.
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